Capture the progress. 

Time lapse photography provides a unique aspect to the progress of a build. Our latest technology time lapse system is installed at a nearby high level location and captures images at intervals to create a movie that shows two years of hard work in 2 minutes.

These regularly captured images are recorded by 22 megapixel DSLR cameras, uploaded to our servers and are immediately available for client download via the GHPx portal. This live feed access allows a client to login and download up to the second hero images, search for a specific still image by date and time, or generate a short unedited weekly progress clip. 

Further to this the GHPx portal makes available a monthly edited time lapse video providing Project Managers, Business Managers and Marketing teams an ability to professionally report back the progress of the project to clients, management and investors.

Additionally GHPx can arrange for a time lapse live feed can be streamed to a TV or device at a site or head office. 



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