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On-Site Photography

Systematically capture the progress and process of the build, on site and up close.

Construction Site Photoshoot to Capture The Process

Witness the majesty and history of the building as it evolves!

As the building is photographed from ground level at regular intervals (i.e. monthly), ground photography systematically captures the process and details of the build. Taken from street level, from a raised position nearby and with up-close progress images of onsite construction – these are vital records of how your project looked at a moment in time.

The images captured at these regular intervals provide a consistent perspective of the entire build as it progresses over time from start to finish and can be used within a documentary of the build.

Consistent ground photography also enables construction professionals the ability to visually report back to clients and management as to the progress of the project.

Onsite ground photography is critical for capturing key project milestones and can provide opportunities for valuable marketing appropriate imagery.

Onsite photography has also been important in resolving quality assurance queries or contractor disputes throughout and upon delivery of a project.

The GHPx portal provides a useful archive of these images throughout the life of the project and beyond, which means if any disputes arise down the track, the stored images may prove vital in your dispute resolution.

Benefits of On-Site Photography

  • Easy to view timeline of the project as it progresses
  • Transparency throughout the process
  • Fresh set of eyes can pick up and identify problems before they become out of control
  • Images can be used in marketing materials to assist with sales
  • Regular photo updates can help in building anticipation and excitement on Instagram and other social media platforms
  • Provides visual materials for reporting to stakeholders
  • Maintain an archive to aid in dispute resolution
  • Easy to use portal to keep all your images very accessible
    and in one place

Ground Photography Gallery

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