Capture the process.

Designed to capture the progress and detail of the building process. Typically performed monthly, ground photography systematically captures the details of the build from street level, from a raised position nearby and up close progress of onsite construction.

    Images captured at these regular intervals provide construction professionals the ability to consistently report back to clients and management as to the progress of the project.

    Onsite ground photography is critical for capturing key project milestones and can provide opportunities for valuable marketing appropriate imagery. Onsite photography has also been important in resolving quality assurance queries or contractor disputes throughout and upon delivery of a project. The GHPx portal provides a useful archive of these images throughout the life of the project and beyond. 

    GHPx employees have received all documentation required to be on site Australia wide, including: 

    • Red card
    • White card
    • Site induction
    • Public Liability Insurance
    • Work Cover Insurance


    Want to get your ONSITE process captured?